Industrial Equipment

Xolid 2020 series is the next generation of industrial systems. Based on its dual-pillar technology of equipment and consumables, coupled with first-class technical support, it delivers superior quality while improving the sustainability of the decoration.

Industrial Equipment 

Competitive Advantages:

In-line transfer

Large capacity

Premium finishes (semi-transparent, gradient, metal)



Our Industrial Offer

Complete in-line transfer equipment:

Supply of consumables

Waste treatment management

Training, maintenance, technical assistance

Professional Services

Xolid offers a comprehensive range of professional services to ensure customers’ satisfaction and success

Technical Support

Providing a wide array of service possibilities, from remote to onsite engineers.


We can fabricate special tools and tailored consumables to meet different targets.

Xolid Training

Delivering the necessary know-how to leverage tech features and unleash its full potential.

Co-op and dev. with brands

Co-developing new applications for limited or full scale production Worldwide.