A cutting-edge transfer technology adapted to market requirements


Xolid Advanced transfer system introduces an entirely new approach to digital printing that is set to disrupt the market reaching far beyond any other existing technology.

The two pillars of our technology are:

Industrial Transfer System

Innovative approach designed for high-speed, high-accuracy transfer

Specially formulated consumables

Minimizes the trade-off between print quality and coverage efficiency

Xolid Technology guarantees unmatched:

Print Quality

Extremely high-resolution images and highly precise colour matching

Print Properties

Improved adhesion and other functional properties (scratch, heat-resistance..)


Prints on a wide array of materials and is able to decorate almost any shape

High Decoration Speed

high-speed, high-accuracy transfer designed for mass-production

Applicable Market Segments

Xolid is ideal for the decoration of surfaces made of glass, ceramic aluminium among other materials.

To meet expanding market demand we are continuously developing new systems for additional markets.

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